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In Jelly Bean, there is a new place for large icons see the notification design guidelines here on the left side of the notification banner see below 2 Large icon: Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Daniel Smith Daniel Smith 2 3 To convert 24 dp to actual pixel sizes, these rough calculations are used: You should rewrite some of android's design documentation! The info is all there, but is not condensed very effectively. The docs are fantastic most of the time, but here they failed me. Many thanks for the clearest and most concise explanation yet! Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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Android Icon Sizes Made Simple (4.1)

Hot Network Questions. Or, if I wanted to support 2 lines of text in the BigPicture style, I'd need to pass true as the second argument of setCustomizer and include my custom code in the overloaded customize method. In general, within the LeanplumPushService.

Large notification icon (optional)

Builder class could allow us to customize the Push Notification see also Android docs here https: With the LeanplumPushService. A common use would be to set a String URL and use it to switch which images you want to be displayed in the Push Notification.

android how to - GCM Push Notification Large Icon size - CODE Q&A Solved

Then, inside the customizer, we can get the largeImageURL value, retrieve the image and set it as the Large Icon in this way:. When you send a push notification to Android devices, Android automatically uses your app's name as the title of push notifications. Using the customizer, you can customize a push notification title at the app level, meaning the title will automatically display in all future pushes sent from this app. A best practice is to keep push titles brief 5 words or fewer.

Or, you can choose to have no title at all by leaving the title field empty.

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