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The app also shows you the total walking time of your trip and when the next bus or train is.

Turn-by-turn navigation shows you distance and estimated arrival time, and gives you access to alternative routes and features lane assistance. Maps also includes a new Explore feature , which shows you different places and activities around you. You can filter by distance, time of day, and type of place and get business information. So you won't be seeing results of restaurants that are closed, as Google Maps will detect the time of day. It is even aware of weather conditions, making sure you don't head to a park when it's about to rain.

You can also search for places you've reviewed or saved using the "Your Places" option. The popular app, Uber , has been integrated into Google Maps and can be opened within Google Maps when comparing routes. Plotting routes and getting directions in Google Maps is very easy.

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You can get directions from A to B by searching for the start and end points, or clicking on them on the map. Towns and streets can be looked up by keyword or voice searching. Since the Google Maps 7. This means it's no longer possible to apply Layers to see customized maps and overlays with places and points of interest. However, Google Maps for Android does display information about businesses and points of interest.

For instance, when the name of a restaurant appears on a map, you can click it to access more information, read user reviews, and get contact details. The new Places feature in Google Maps for Android offers a quick link to information about special places. Tap on the Navigation icon in Google Maps and you'll be able to see 3D maps and live traffic information. Moving around in Street View is a wonderful experience. It's linked to the Android compass, meaning that as you move and tilt the phone, the view changes with it. It's hard to pick faults in Google Maps , but we would point out that it has a tendency to hog system resources, especially if you have many layers running at once.

Be sure to kill the process when you're not using Google Maps or your battery meter will soon start shrinking. Google Maps is currently the easiest and most effective way to find your way around using your Android phone. Version 9. Other changes to the app include the ability to make a restaurant reservation from within the Maps app only for users in the US , plus integration with Uber.

It's outstanding.. I've never had any problems with it.

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It's better than what most taxi drivers have. The old version is better. This is terrible bring back the old google navigation no traffic bring back the old version. No options More.

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The ocean and flash abilities are awesome too. Can't wait until Earth is as full featured as on a computer! Keep up the good work team! Eshaan said August 23, at 7: RizDroid said MoGlee said I have a Galaxy S, but looks like the Google Earth team hates the entire country of India for some reason: Come on guys!

Barcode didn't work for me either, Moto Milestone in Canada running 2. Maybe this is a US only release or something? August 23, at 8: August 23, at LordMirg said Does it let you install on 2. Otherwise I just don't have room on my Nexus One for this behemoth of an app: HTC Desire with 2. I don't understand why. I know the phone is capable of running it with no problems because I installed the.

August 24, at 2: Can you let me have this on motorola milestone 2. August 24, at 3: This is really annoying - I don't know why they are blocking the mobile version when the desktop one is available worldwide and the APK works just as well!

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Kind of reminds me of how Microsoft used to block international access to their Betas before they realized the net doesn't work that way - not something I expect from Google! Eduin Carrillo said August 24, at 5: Zamana said Same here: Milestone 2. Can anyone at Google explain why this isn't available for, say, Desire or even some Nexus One owners. Whatever logic is supposed to determine whether or not this app and other apps will run properly and is therefore allowed to appear on the market app is totally broken. Is there a fix for this bug planned, or is it not perceived to be a bug?

David Wainwright said August 24, at 6: Martin Gundersen said August 24, at 9: Seth Leventhal said Ron Chusid said Any chance of moving Google Earth to an SD card? I had to uninstall due to lack of room on my Droid. Eplemosen said August 24, at Life is Beautiful said Not able to find in India also on Nexus one. When it will be available in rest of the world?

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I have a Froyo HTC Desire, and keep getting told that there's no space to write the data directory, even though I have plenty of space more than is required by the app Is there anything I can do to fix this? Trinidad said I have an HTC Incredible, 2. This is the first version of Earth that has worked on my phone. Hi folks! Just a note that the update requires a device running at least Android 2.

As always, "most" refers to within the US. You would think a global company like google could provide global support for their global apps. At least the time I have from not being able to use Google earth affords me plenty of time to post my thoughts on their non-global policies. Bring it to the milestone, the phone has the hardware and software needed, what else do you need. Can't find it. Milestone Eclair, Philippines.

Can somebody from Google explain this? The blog post makes no mention of the limited availability of the application. Is this US only or what? Epool86 said Megan Huff said August 25, at 8: Panagiotis speeking August 25, at As far as I can remember, Earth has never been available on the UK Market, at least not from my phone.

Does anyone know where I can download the apk directly? I've been waiting for Google Earth to appear on the marketplace too C'mon Google, this isn't good enough. I don't care who's fault it is - you should make it happen! August 25, at 1: Anonymous said August 28, at 8: