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Xiaomi Mi 5s: Good price; decent cameras; nice design; support quick charge. No extended microSD; average sound. Review Xiaomi Mi 5s: Solid workmanship; premium design; nice display; excellent cameras; good hardware; fast system; long battery life; quick charge.

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No microSD slot; weak connectivity. Xiaomi Mi5s, un smartphone qui compte parmi les meilleurs Source: Test du Xiaomi Mi5S: High autonomy; good performance; decent speakers. No microSD slot. Xiaomi Mi 5s — test i recenzja Source: Long battery life; fast charge; great display; flexible fingerprint sensor; compact size. Average speakers; uncomfortable buttons. Good price; decent hardware. Xiaomi Mi 5S: Good autonomy; decent hardware; fast system.


Average speakers. Low price; high performance; nice screen; decent main camera; quick charge. Slippery; unstable fingerprint. High quality screen; 3D Touch; decent performance; flexible fingerprint sensor. No headphone jack; imperfect design. Metal case; flexible fingerprint sensor; good display; decent hardware; good price. Excellent fingerprint sensor; decent cameras; good hardware; good price. Mixed performance Source: Video autofocus is fast and accurate, however, with no performance issues shooting video in bright light. This said, some noticeable steps in focus, together with an increase in instability and slow convergence including unnecessary refocusing during panning , result in more focus failures shooting video under changing lighting conditions.

Some visible ringing, aliasing, and blocking artifacts are also visible in videos shot under all lighting conditions. Very fast, very strong, elegant, light at the hand, you are going to fall in love with it! Do you have one to? Write me down your impressions about it! I want to hear news from you. Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus review Source: MIUI8 is a nice launcher, too. Unless you are after the whole Leica experience from Huawei or the water-proof body from Sony or Samsung, you would probably find the Mi 5s Plus to be an excellent deal that's really tempting.

Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus Review Source: Find out here! If you are looking for a cheaper but higher performance smartphone, Xiaomi MI5S Plus can be your first choice, but if you are more into better quality, Huawei P9 Plus will not let you down. Welcome to share more with us. Xiaomi Mi5S Plus Source: Low price; decent hardware; nice display; good cameras; high autonomy; fast charge.

No microSD slot; average speakers. Decent cameras; high performance; long battery life; nice display. Elegant design; nice performance; good price. No wireless charging; no microSD slot. Metal case; compact size; decent display; good cameras; long battery life. Good price; elegant design; good built quality; excellent display; good dual cameras. Unsupport quick charge. Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus Recensione: Good price; decent autonomy. Xiaomi Mi5s Plus, aussi grand et puissant qu'un Note 7 pour Telefon Xiaomi Mi5S Plus: Elegant design; fast and accurate fingerprint sensor; solid workmanship; high performance; excellent display.

Incomplete LTE connectivity; poor cameras; mediocre speakers. Xiaomi Mi Max Prime oficjalnie. Decent hardware; long battery life. Relatively high price. This is a gorgeous big-screen Android phone with very decent performance, a great camera and plenty of storage. We'd like to see a Quad-HD screen on Xiaomi's flagship phone, but this one should prove plenty sharp and clear. Google apps are not preinstalled, but there is a workaround if you are happy to do some tweaking. Curved-edge Values Source: As it stands, we still need to go through 3rd-party retailers to get the device.

We have the version called Mi Note 2 Global. The Note 2 is not original either. It feels like it was designed by a committee. Xiaomi Mi Note 2 review Source: The vacant spot left by Samsung's phablet this fall season was prime for the taking and we really wanted to see the Mi Note 2 as a product that's as at least as much disruptive as its pedigree suggests.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Review: Forbes Is the Mi Note 2 going to win acclaim this year? Probably not. Hands-on with the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Source: Well, at least for the good folks in China. The most improvement of Xiaomi mi note 2 is to use dual curved screen. So are you ready to catch one? We can confirm Xiaomi MI Note 2 is the most beautiful smartphone until now.

Most importantly, it sells at the most competitive price right now. So are you ready to get one? Gear Open Concerning the packaging, we witness the new trend with the box. Xiaomi has decided to walk with simplicity and elegance as the package appears to be plain white with an engraved Mi Logo at the center. We observe no diagram of Xiaomi Mi Note 2 at all. CNet While there's a version of the Mi Note 2 that will have LTE support for the US and lots of other countries, the bad news is that the phone will be China-only, and Xiaomi has no plans to sell this elsewhere, even in places like Singapore or Hong Kong.

It's a surprising move, but perhaps Xiaomi is looking inwards to its homeground as it aims to regain market share, having slipped to fourth position as rivals Oppo and Vivo have surged ahead. Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Hands On: Oddly Familiar Source: Previously a feature unique only to Samsung devices, Xiaomi and others are now jumping on the bandwagon. Impressive display; beautiful design. Jetzt sind die Chinesen auf iPhone-Niveau Source: Das Galaxy Note 7 aus China Source: Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Source: Ein Smartphone mit Ecken ohne Kanten Source: Xiaomi stellt Mi Note 2 vor Source: Decent hardware; nice design; good built quality; long battery life; good speakers; flexible fingerprint sensor.

Relatively high price; slippery; poor cameras. La china Xiaomi estrena el Mi Note 2: Impressive design; long battery life; good price; decent hardware. Dual sim; metal case; impressive design; excellent display; powerful hardware; long battery life. Metal case; nice design; decent display; good hardware; high autonomy. Nice design; good materials; high performance; flexible fingerprint sensor.

Lack of band B Unboxing Xiaomi Mi Note 2 e prime impressioni Source: Support fast charge; decent cameras; nice display; flexible fingerprint sensor; solid workmanship. Xiaomi Mi Note 2 oficjalnie. Reliable GPS. Good price; decent cameras; flexible fingerprint sensor; long battery life; support fast charge. Stylish design; slim size; high autonomy; quick charge; high gaming performance; decent cameras; excellent speakers. No memory card slot. Xiaomi Mi Note 2: High performance; excellent display; fast fingerprint reader; nice design; solid workmanship.

Xiaomi installs a huge 6. Is importing the innovative handset worthwhile anyway? Xiaomi Mi MIX: AnandTech This is a really great display overall. The only area where the MIX falls a little short is white balance, which is a little cool by default. Xiaomi provides the Cool and Warm color modes to shift the white point, but it would be nice to see finer grained controls.

On the edge of tomorrow Source: Revolutionary Xiaomi Mi Mix is breathtaking with its bezel-less display, gorgeous build and flawless performance Source: This isn't a phone you buy with budget in mind, however: It's amazing - I want one of those! No matter - it works. Highly recommended. Beyond that stunner of a screen, its resolution could stand to be be higher, and camera quality is only average.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 18K Review: A Slippery Slice of the Future Source: Androidbeat The Xiaomi Mi Mix is gorgeous to look at and, once configured, superb to use, with high spec components throughout, camera permitting for space reasons.

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Imagine a phone with a 5. Xiaomi Mi Mix Review: Mobile and Apps Xiaomi has launched this amazing piece for mass market as compared to other edgeless screen phones, which are available in extremely limited numbers and places. Xiaomi Mi Mix review Source: GSM Arena Xiaomi was brave enough to go for something rather new, instead of pushing the limits of performance, screen resolution, camera skills, or battery endurance.

Design is where Xiaomi desired to make a difference and an edge-to-edge screen is a game-changer in this department. But Xiaomi needs to improve on basics like the camera and find a way to make more of these before we can wholeheartedly recommend it. Android Authority Chinese users will get a big kick out of using this phone on the daily, especially those that consume and stream media a lot a highly common occurrence in the East.

This is mostly due to the small quantities that Xiaomi is actually manufacturing — they want to get the phone in as many hands as possible without creating so many that the price needs be higher to cover those costs. Tech geeks are always complaining that smartphone designs have become boring. Well, this is anything but. Xiaomi Mi Mix review: This is what the future looks like Source: Mashable The beautiful, innovative design of the Xiaomi Mi Mix has its compromises, but you'll happily deal with them to hold a phone from the future.

Xiaomi Mi MIX review: Bonkers, in the best way possible Source: Nor will you be able to park it, or see out the back of it, or drive it in narrow town streets. Plus, it might catch fire in a traffic jam. My hunch is that two things motivated Xiaomi into making this phone. The other is a response to some critics maybe even some of its most ardent fans who observed that its recent phones all kind of look very similar to one another.

Igeekphone Xiaomi MIX is the first smartphone to keep the balance between high-end specs but also design and price. Although the stock is not stable, we think it will not stop our passion for grabbing one. Come on. Xiaomi Mix Review Source: Gear Open Xiaomi MIX is the first smartphone to keep the balance between high-end specs but also design and price. Android Police This Mi Mix is very interesting. It might be the first time we see both the ultrasonic proximity sensor and the piezoelectric acoustic technology in the same device, and the fact that they come in such a beautiful package make them even more intriguing.

Where would I rest my fingers? How would I hold it? How durable is the frame with such a large display when surviving a fall? And would I spend my time wiping the screen from fingerprints now that I have to put my grubby mitts on it to even hold the phone? Too many questions that I can't answer because this is only being released in China. Sleek, Surreal, the Future of Smartphones Source: However, I still think the company can still work on its software: Fast fingerprint sensor; high performance; long battery life; impressive display; decent speakers.

Slippery; large size; heavy; poor cameras. Xiaomi Mi Mix Hands On: There is a lot of tech that goes unnoticed underneath to make something like the Mi Mix a reality. Decent speakers; elegant design. Mediocre ergonomy.

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After all, how much different can your rectangular slab be? Decent speakers; fast fingerprint scanner; good cameras; elegant design. Relatively large and heavy. Wegweiser mit Kompromissen Source: Xiaomi Mi Mix Source: Fast randloses China-Smartphone Source: Smartphone mit nahezu randlosem Display Source: High-End-Smartphones mit randlosen Bildschirmen Source: Compact size; stylish design; large screen; excellent display; long battery life; quick charge.

Slippery; mediocre speakers; relatively high price. Xiaomi Mi Mix tras un mes de uso: Nice design; decent hardware; fast fingerprint sensor. Poor cameras; high price. Stylish design; good hardware; nice performance; decent display. Poor cameras. Elegant design; high performance; nice screen; decent hardware; flexible fingerprint sensor. Poor main camera; high price. Probamos el Xiaomi Mi Mix: Large screen; beautiful design; low price.

Slippery; broken easily. Recensione Xiaomi Mi Mix Source: Elegant design; nice display; USB-C. Poor cameras; mediocre speakers; high price. Elegant design; decent hardware; long battery life; fast charge; large screen; nice display. Attractive design; good cameras; decent cameras; high autonomy. Unsupport waterproof and dust avoiding.

Unboxing Xiaomi Mi Mix e prime impressioni Source: Elegant design; decent display. Long battery life; fast charge. Nice design; long battery life; quick charge. High price; slippery; poor cameras. Eerste indruk: Xiaomi Mi Mix, bijna zonder schermranden Source: Large screen; nice design; decent display; high autonomy. Easy to save fingerprints on backside; poor cameras.

Good display; elegant design. Elegant design; bright display; good hardware; nice performance; fast charge. Poor cameras; relatively high price. Nice display; decent hardware. Limited quantity. Stylish design; nice performance; good display; long battery life. Xiaomi Mi Mix. Stylish design; nice performance; good display; decent hardware. Impressive design; nice display; long battery life.

Heavy and bulky. Low price; good screen. Impressive design; large and bright display; decent hardware; dual sim; high performance; quick charge. High price; relatively heavy; poor cameras; poor display. High performance; flexible fingerprint reader. Large and heavy; no memory card slot. Ferrari mezi smartphony.

Impressive design; high performance; excellent display; long battery life. Incomplete LTE connectivity; poor cameras; mediocre speakers; high price; slippery. Elegant design; nice display; powerful hardware. Beautiful design; impressive color. Beautiful design; good hardware; decent display; fast fingerprint sensor; quick charge. Large screen; good display; decent hardware; high autonomy; fast charge.

This light and thin smartphone can be popular with different kinds of people.

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If you like 5 inch smartphone, you can consider this one. Weak hardware; no NFC. Decent cameras; good built quality; compact size. Short battery life. Nice display; fast fingerprint sensor; quick charge; compact size; decent cameras. Short battery life; no NFC. Good cameras; solid workmanship; slim size and light weight. Low autonomy; no memory card slot. Powerful hardware; excellent display; slim size and lightweight; quick charge. Beautiful design; decent processor; good price; compact size; decent display. Android Authority Even with the cons, the pros are stacked with the price point leading the way.

It might not be perfect as a flagship, but if you can get your hands on it, this amalgam of features could be one of the best bang for buck phones in existence. PC Advisor This really is an amazing phone, and only the Chinese software puts us off recommending it for a UK audience.

It is crazy fast, crazy beautiful and crazy priced. Xiaomi Mi 6 review Source: GSM Arena Xiaomi tried to put everything that's hot right now in a low-fare package and the resulting Mi 6 is an amazing phone for the price. Xiaomi's keen on making a statement with it and challenging the big names in the game. The way the Chinese go about it is probably not the most subtle but in terms of looks and specs, the Xiaomi Mi 6 is the best Mi yet. Xiaomi Mi 6 Review Source: The Chinese tech company has been giving us the best specifications and performance for a certain price point like its latest flagship — the Mi 6.

Xiaomi Mi 6 First Impressions Source: NDTV Gadgets Xiaomi is yet to announce India launch plans for the Mi 6, though a representative told Gadgets that there's no truth to rumours claiming that the phone won't launch here at all. We can expect the Mi 6 to be priced at around the same aggressive level as it is priced in China, in order to take on the popular OnePlus 3T. Xiaomi Mi 6 first impressions: Android Authority My first impressions put the Mi 6 in a pretty positive spot, as Xiaomi attempts to make their flagship the place to find the best specs and features in one place.

We will continue our testing over the next week or so before we give you our full review.

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Igeekphone Xiaomi MI6 is quite amazing in terms of design, its hardware is quite powerful, until now, no Chinese smartphone can beat it. As for camera, its performance can compete with that of Huawei P10 or Huawei Mate 9. By the way, you can use coupon code: Xiaomi's new Mi 6 is impressive but not game changing Source: If you want to get one in the US, UK or Australia, you'll have to go through online third-party retailers. Xiaomi Mi 6 Source: Xiaomi Mi 6: Beautiful design; nice performance; decent cameras; good price.

Probamos el nuevo Xiaomi Mi6: Good price; nice performance; decent display. Nice performance; good display; decent hardware. Beautiful design; powerful hardware; long battery life. No headphone jack; relatively high price. Decent hardware; good cameras; compact size; nice display. Unsupport waterproof; no NFC. Xiaomi desvela el nuevo Mi 6: Decent hardware; good cameras; nice design. Xiaomi Mi 6, o topo de gama totalmente renovado Source: Compact size; nice display; good cameras; decent hardware. No NFC. Recensione Xiaomi Mi6 Source: Powerful hardware; long battery life; quick charging; nice performance; good price.

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Great built quality; nice performance; fast fingerprint sensor; decent display. Recensione Xiaomi Mi6, compatto e con Snapdragon Source: Great built quality; good hardware; decent cameras. No headphone jack. Recensione Xiaomi Mi6: Nice design; decent hardware; high autonomy. Xiaomi Mi6: Nice design; low price; decent hardware; good dual cameras. La Puissance Du Snapdragon Source: Solid workmanship; good hardware; decent cameras. Xiaomi Mi6. Nice design; solid workmanship; good dual cameras; excellent design. No mini jack; no memory card slot. High performance; nice display. No headphone jack; no memory card slot.

Good display; nice performance. Beautiful design; good cameras; decent speakers. Great built quality; decent hardware; good cameras. Telefon Xiaomi Mi6: High performance; nice display; solid workmanship; good prcie; fast charging. No headphone jack; no wireless charging. Nice design; solid workmanship; decent hardware; good cameras. Excellent dual cameras; waterproof; nice display; decent performance. High price. Beautiful design; powerful hardware; metal case; long battery life; quick charge. Impressive dual cameras; powerful hardware; good price; solid workmanship.

The Xiaomi Mi Max 2 has a screen size of over 6. Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Review: Does Longevity In a Phablet Matter? Manila Shaker For a phablet its size, the Mi Max 2 has potential. A long-lasting phone with little competition in its price range Source: Tech2 To put it in a nutshell, go for this device only if you have two major needs — long lasting battery and media consumption.

The large battery and display are the unique selling points of this phone, as in every other department you can find better faring alternatives, some from Xiaomi itself. Also, the large size of the phone means that it is not suitable for use for everyone. Phone World Xiaomi Mi Max 2 is a bigger device compare to other devices so it is a little bit difficult and new thing to handle. It is a phablet size smart phone with good features.

The users who like to have a big smart phone must go for Xiaomi Mi MAx 2. Xiaomi Mi Max 2 review: Big display, but is this for everyone? Battery is one of its best features, and this could be the device that never dies. But unless you actively want a 6. Xiaomi Mi Max 2 review Source: Now, what we have here is more of a mug - if not the entire teapot - but you know what we mean. Stretching the limits of a smartphone screen is nothing new, but many have tried and failed to leave a meaningful mark in the 6-inch-and-above bracket. Sony's Ultra series are among the better examples and Huawei's had a few phablets right as well.

The showstopper Source: India Today The Mi Max 2, just like last year's Mi Max, is an all-rounder that pretty much checks in all the right boxes. But, at the end of the day, it's just another Redmi Note 4 clone -- in every sense of the word -- except that it has been made to order for people -- if any -- who like large-sized phablets. More or less, it shares all the plus and minus points of its younger and more affordable sibling.

The Mi Max 2 is well-built, has a good display, is a slick and very capable performer, has excellent audio and a fantastic battery life. Is it any better than the Mi Max though? Well, only marginally. Which means, if you already happen to own a Mi Max, I would suggest you hold on to it for some more. If you don't however, and you're looking for a phone of such gigantic proportions, the Mi Max 2 is the only phone at its price point that -- as mentioned earlier -- checks in all the right boxes. Android Authority The Mi Max 2 is a nice, progressive iteration of the idea.

The refined design and the incredible battery life make for a well-rounded package. Xiaomi Mi Max 2: Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Review Source: Androidbeat In the end though, for the price that Xiaomi commands for the Mi Max 2 — Rs 16,, it is almost impossible to ignore just how much of a value for money the device offers, especially since you are getting 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM for that price. If you want a device that bridges the gap between a phone and a tablet, go for the Mi Max 2 with your eyes closed — you will not regret your decision. If you have a lesser budget, the first generation Mi Max is still the right pick.

Size does matter Source: An impressive performance courtesy the processor and ample RAM, decent display and camera, all mashed in an elegant-looking shell is what an everyday user would want in the given price range of Rs 16, However, as the name clearly says, it is a 'Max' sized smartphone and definitely not meant for a single-handed use. It is for those media consuming lot who love to watch movies, TV series and play games on the move with a larger and more engaging experience. A Colossal avatar of Redmi Note 4! The Mobile Indian Overall, the smartphone is not just a regular phone you will in the market.

It has a pretty large screen, which is ideal for media consumption but takes some time to get used to it. The phone comes with some impressive battery backup and the overall performance of the device is at par with the rest of the competition. So, if you fancy large screens and is looking to buy one, then Xiaomi Mi Max 2 can be considered as a good option.

Fone Arena The Mi Max 2 is a unique device that is larger than most so-called phablets yet it is uniquely positioned to be much more portable than tablets. Given the success of the Mi Max, it is clear that a market most certainly exists that craves for a device that sits at the cross-section of these two categories. The Mi Max 2 takes everything good from the original and improves it further. The only thing to consider is the size, since this is big and if you are comfortable using it then there is no better option in this phablet category.

Those who are already using the Mi Max can upgrade if required. Battery performance left us pleasantly surprised. On the other hand, the camera could have used improvement. There haven't been many good launches in the Rs. Phone Arena In a fiercly competitive mid-range segment, the Mi Max 2 is a smartphone that simply stands out.

It certainly isn't for everyone, but it rewards those who can handle its size with a quality build, adequate performance, decent cameras, and exceptional battery life and multimedia experience. Crossing the boundary between phone and tablet, the gigantic 6. With more storage, an improved camera and longer battery life, the Mi Max 2 is a no-brainer of an upgrade. Premium buyers can get a far better phone with the Galaxy C9 Pro. Xiaomi Mi Max 2 First Impressions: Will it be your next smartphone or tablet? The smartphone is not a like a regular smartphone, you will find it in the market.

The large screen is ideal for media consumptions, but it also makes it a bit difficult to operate as compared to other smartphones. As for the competition is concerned, the device will pit against Lenovo Vibe P2, Motorola Moto G5 Plus and others in terms of hardware specifications. Yugatech While phablets are still too big for constant everyday use due to their large pocket footprint and degree of difficulty to hold, they are still perfect for leisurely use. The Mi Max 2 was an outstanding device to use for web browsing, social media, watching videos, and light gaming.

Knowing that it will last a very long time on heavy use with its large battery makes it perfect for just that. And it has large screen and durable battery life that most users like. We believe you will enjoy it a lot. You can use this coupon code: Dieser Handy-Gigant ist grossartig Source: Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Source: Solid workmanship; large screen; long battery life; decent speakers; good cameras; fast charging.

Probamos el Xiaomi Mi Max 2: Good price; fast system; fast fingerprint sensor; long battery life. Nice design; beautiful screen; high performance; decent cameras; long battery life. Relatively large size; unsupport quick charge. Recensione Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Source: High autonomy; beautiful design; high performance; large screen; good display; low price.

Recensione Xiaomi Mi Max 2: High autonomy; beautiful design; good display. Nice built quality; decent cameras; long battery life; pleasant display; fast fingerprint sensor. Fast fingerprint sensor; fast system; high autonomy; good price. Test du Xiaomi Mi Max 2: Premium design; nice display; large screen; good speakers; long battery life. No B20 4G band. Large screen; nice display; elegant design; high autonomy. Average performance. Large screen; fast fingerprint sensor; solid workmanship; decent hardware. No NFC; weak processor; bulky. Large screen; beautiful design; great built quality; long battery life; high performance; excellent display; fast fingerprint sensor; metal case.

Solid workmanship; large screen; long battery life; decent cameras; good speakers; fast charging. Large screen; fast fingerprint sensor; high autonomy. Heavy and bulky; sim and microSD are on the same slot. Nice display; long battery life; flexible fingerprint sensor. Large screen; nice display; high autonomy; good price; elegant design; decent cameras.

Weak processor. Long battery life; large screen; good price; quick charging; nice display; decent hardware. Beautiful design; good cameras; long battery life; good price. Large screen; decent hardware; nice design; metal case; quick charge. Poor cameras; no USB-C. Mad Shrimps The Xiaomi Mi 5X has impressed us quite a bit in terms of build quality, performance, camera quality, GPS locking speed, accuracy and also sports a decent battery life. This model is a 5. GearBest lends a helping hand in order to avoid Customs hassles for European customers, so they have this model as ready to ship from their EU warehouse.

The product link for this particular model can be accessed from HERE. Igeekphone Mi 5X from Xiaomi is one of the best devices in its price category. A powerful, powerful, reliable smartphone with an excellent screen and good autonomy. A lot of additional features and settings, high-quality cameras and a very smart fingerprint scanner make it a strong competitor to even more expensive flagships from second-tier manufacturers.

Best value budget phone Source: KL Gadget Guy Overall, the 5X is one of the best budget phones I have ever tried so much so that it feels like you are getting a ringgit device for the price of only ringgit which the 5X cost. Xiaomi has also produced the Mi A1 which is basically the 5X running on a pure stock android. If you do not like the MIUI interface that comes with the 5X, you can easily opt of the A1 which is the exact same specs but running on stock android. If you are looking to pick up the 5x, you can head over to GearBest as they are having a promotion on the phone which you can pick up for under RM1, Xiaomi Mi 5X review Source: GSM Arena The Mi 5X is pretty straightforward - one of the most affordable smartphones in the upper midrange, where available, that is.

It offers great dual-camera experience on the cheap and that can't be matched by any reputable maker. Igeekphone Compared with Xiaomi MI5C, Xiaomi MI5X has more beautiful design, and it also has dual rear camera with more advantage, besides, its battery life and price are also attractive, if you want a competitive mid-range smartphone with good camera and battery, you can try this phone. Xiaomi Mi 5X Review Source: Yugatech The Xiaomi Mi 5X is a mixed bag of goodies but not really a master of anything.

Even the dual rear camera which is supposed to be its main selling point is only above average at best. Xiaomi Mi 5x Review: Xiaomi Mi 5x Unboxing; Quick Review: Easy on the Wallet Source: Thankfully, online retailers still keep stock of the phones from the popular brand and one of their latest devices just arrived at HQ. Xiaomi Mi 5X Source: Nice performance; decent display; long battery life; good cameras.

Nice design; good built quality; decent cameras. Recensione Xiaomi Mi5x: Good price; elegant design; nice display. Good price; nice dual cameras; metal case; beautiful design; decent hardware; nice display. Beautiful design; great built quality; good cameras. Test du Xiaomi Mi 5X: Nice display; decent speakers; long battery life. No B20 band in 4G. Czy faktycznie XiaomiLepsze? Low price; good dual cameras; large screen; nice display. Hivatalosan is elstartolt a Xiaomi Mi5X Source: Decent hardware; good dual cameras; low price. Nice dual cameras; decent hardware; good price; long battery life; quick charging.

Good price; nice design; decent dual cameras; good display. Good dual cameras; low price; nice display; metal case; decent hardware; good speakers. Equipped with LTE band 20 and Android One, for a low price, it offers not only regular and timely security updates but also a two-year update warranty on the security patches. Igeekphone The Xiaomi Mi A1 is not just a smartphone that turns the market upside down. It is also a pest. In any case, the budget-conscious buyer cannot ignore the Xiaomi Mi A1. The Mi A1 is a great example of that. The A1 is great value for money, delivering an uncluttered Android in a phone that punches way above its price tag.

T3 The A1 is great value for money, delivering an uncluttered Android in a phone that punches way above its price tag. This is the phone with which the Android One initiative should have launched. Have a look at the video and see for yourself how the M1 A1 in red looks like. Tech Nave There's no denying that the Mi A1 is a really affordable smartphone at RM, by that factor alone it can easily beat out several mid-range smartphones that are priced higher, so it's definitely a value for money device considering that it has pure stock Android, good battery life and surprisingly good gaming performance.

However, the camera's overall performance is a bit underwhelming, but the bokeh effect is still good. Now this handset is not running MIUI, the experience will be different. In case you are in love with MIUI this is not for you, unless you are looking for a change. Android One, des sensations pures! A Pixel on a budget Source: Right now nothing even comes close to what you're getting with the Mi A1 thanks to its combination of premium design, good display and audio, wide-angle and telephoto dual camera setup and pure Android OS.

While there are other pure Android smartphones on the market, none offer this level of hardware and design sophistication at this low of a price. That's huge news: Xiaomi Mi A1 Review: This Android One device is a killer budget phone Source: Not that there were many. The capable innards are housed in a premium metallic chassis that looks great.

In the daylight the dual cameras shine, and its portraits alone merit a much higher price. The device is available with very affordable price and Xiaomi smart phones are already getting very good response from users. Androidbeat There is heavy competition in the budget mid-range segment in the Indian smartphone market. However, Xiaomi has managed to hit a home run with the Mi A1. GSM Arena Xiaomi's bang for the buck has always been hard to match, but the Europe-bound Mi A1 units appear to have lost some of their price edge compared to the bargains you can find at online vendors. Fair enough, it's a new playground and new rules.

If that means sensible after-market support - compared to very limied one - Xiaomi might actually have a case there. We guess we'll know soon. You don't really think the Mi A1 is an accidental arrival, do you? Android One just got familiar Source: Slashgear If you live in Indonesia, Vietnam, Russia, Poland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Ukraine, and Mexico, chances are this device is going to be ready to roll with the carrier of your choice. Hardware Zone With that in mind, we still consider the Mi A1 to be a great value buy as it's basically a budget Pixel phone, or to compare it to another phone, it offers almost everything you get from the OnePlus 5, for under half the price - in fact, you also get the benefit of expandable storage, which I know the lack of can be a deal-breaker for many people.

This is the revival of the Android One project in India. Of course for many people, the buying point might be the Xiaomi brand name, and not because stock Android is available on this phone. The rear camera though is on point and delivers quite well. The performance of the phone is also up to the mark and the promise of updates is always a good lure. Hope it is not an experiment! Mi A1 is the best smartphone of Android One program till date. At Rs 14, it has a value for money price tag and performance will not disappoint you.

The areas that will disappoint are poor battery life and below par low-light photography. Xiaomi Mi A1 Review Source: Fone Arena Leaving out the boring design, the Xiaomi Mi A1 with its all-rounding performance makes this smartphone a compelling device under mid-range segment.

Stock Android with mid-range specs offers great value proposition Source: Tech2 Xiaomi offers a well rounded phone at Rs 14, with stock Android to boot. If you are in the market for a Rs 15, phone, you will not go wrong with the Xiaomi Mi A1. Of course, you will have to factor in one of its major drawbacks - poor low light photography. But that apart, there is fairly little to complain with the Mi A1.

And thankfully, it will not just be available on flash sales which gets over in seconds. Xiaomi has also partnered with a lot of offline retail partners for the Mi A1. Mobygyaan Xiaomi Mi A1 looks bold, the build is fantastic, plus it guarantees Android software updates. The camera is impressive in terms of taking portraits, performs well especially in the daylight, not the best in the low-light.

Stock Android — Achilles or his heel? The lines that divide the Mi A1 from other stock Android devices is a thin one indeed. We think the A1 is one of the better options in the sub-Rs 15, category but it is by no means an overwhelming favorite like some of its predecessors were. Go for it if you want some serious camera magic without busting your bank account. Shut up and take my money Source: India Today Xiaomi may go to great lengths to claim how good the Mi A1 looks and feels and does in the camera department, but, the real star of the show here is the software.

The Mi A1 is essentially a Xiaomi phone running stock Android and to cut short the chase here: Xiaomi Mi A1 review: A new hope for Android One Source: The device has all the factors that a device in this price segment requires and is capable of giving any smartphone a run for their money. With Xiaomi, Google has managed to put a fresh face for Android One, but how well the new plan goes is yet to be seen.

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