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Don't feel bad if you couldn't figure it out. While many of the new features will be familiar to veteran iOS users, some aren't immediately obvious. One of the first things that I had difficulty figuring out was how to force-quit my apps. Although there isn't currently a way to completely exit all your background apps at once in iOS 7, you can use multiple fingers to swipe and close up to three apps up at once.

Stop Quitting iPhone Apps: It’s a Waste of Time

Repeating the gesture multiple times will make quitting everything quick and easy. With previous versions of iOS from , all you had to do was double tap the home button, tap and hold on the app you wanted to close and tap on the red icon that would appear. Now, tapping and holding the icons in the multi-tasking bar does nothing. There's a lot to learn about the new iOS 7 for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, so make sure to visit our iOS 7 tips section to explore all of the new features and hidden tricks. Also make sure to check out the 15 most annoying things , 18 coolest new features , and 18 sneaky privacy-betraying settings in iOS 7 that every iPhone user should know about.

Not afraid to admit I couldn't figure this out - and a much better way as is most in iOS7 for me personally Anything to save battery How do you do that!??? This article is useful in that it isn't obvious how to completely quit apps I bet we were all holding our fingers on the icon waiting for them to wobble, right?! Background tasks are extremely limited, and almost never put strain on your battery or memory. Apps which receive notifications are not running in order to receive them, they just use the notification centre which is part of the OS itself.

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So if you want to save battery on those apps, the only way you'll do that is to turn off your phone! Don't believe me? Heard it from an Apple Genius? They're wrong too!

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Read more here You just double tap the home screen like the old OS and once you're in the multitasking mode, just slide up on the app you want to close. I spent an hour trying everything, and it was NOT intuitive! Im baffled as to why people design such poor usability into the newer websites and phones.

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Do these people even test these systems with a wide range of older and younger users, or just hire these kids thinking if its "cool" its good??? Why did they go to a gray text on white???? Thats usability They also lost the font which needs to be bold. Well my fingers must not be sticky enough or something, because I cannot slide the apps off the page. What's the technique for sliding? And another question. How do I know when programs stop sucking gigabytes out of the atmosphere.

How to Stop iPhone Apps from Using Mobile Data On iOS 8

My g allowance is being sucked dry by something and the Iphones is the only thing I can think of. Thanks for helping someone who is not too bright with technology. Thank you so much for this article. A few really nasty glitches happened to me when I updated like apps stuck in the netherworld of uploading without ever uploading. Step 1. Step 2. At any time, you wish to allow these apps to use mobile data, follow these above-mentioned steps and turn them on. Background App Refresh is turned on by default on your iPhone.

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Apps refresh their content in the background with the use of Wi-Fi or cellular data. Turning off Background App Refresh can save plenty of mobile data on your iPhone. Moreover, it can improve your iPhone battery life as well. Hopefully, this trick should work for you perfectly. Do you know any other way of conserving mobile data on your iPhone? If yes, do share with us the comment below. How-to iOS iOS 8. Jignesh Padhiyar. Sponsored Links. Blend of Style, Strength and Functionality. You can then decide which ones you want to stop individually. The same rules apply to stopping or uninstalling apps that applied to stopping them via the processes tab - namely that you want to be careful about what you start pressing.

Some phones split apps in the battery usage tab by system or non-system, and others split them into a list of 'hardware' and 'software' apps. In theory, as each new version of Android adds smarter battery features, the amount you need to play around with manually should go down. For Android Nougat and Doze 2. Android Oreo imposes Background Execution Limits to ensure that apps won't go crazy with background services or keep listener services open at all times.

Samsung and others offer proprietary battery and RAM boosting options in many cases, so the features available to you will vary. Other people suggest that Doze mode actually harmed their battery life, but it's definitely at least worth testing to see if it increases your mileage. With Android as an OS and OEM hardware improving over time, some people will argue that the use of task killer apps is going to do more harm than good in terms of processing and battery life. As one of the problems you're trying to fix is apps running in the background draining your resources, adding another one that has the purpose of doing explicitly that it needs to monitor the services in use on your phone, therefore always needs to be running seems a bit counter-intuitive.

  • How to close apps on iPhone XR, XS, Max.
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Nonetheless, some people swear by them and you get even more granular control over your OS if you're using a rooted device. Many 'prosumer' task killers require root access to work. If this is a path you want to take, then you should consider checking out Greenify as an automated hibernation app that works for rooted and non-rooted devices. Non-rooted devices won't get automated hibernation of apps and a few other features, but you can still add a widget to your homescreen, which allows you to hibernate them in a single flick. It also has some neat options that extend Doze for Marshmallow devices that don't require root access.

Do you think task killers, cleaners and RAM optimizers help or harm your battery life? Let us know in the comments below! The problem remains, apps which start themselves on their own at random times. How do we turn this 'feature' off? Certainly there must be somewhere in the OS of the phone where the app has installed some type of 'auto restart' line of code? All to help the software companies, instead of the person who is buying the device and the OS. Why google designed a device and an OS which skirts the wishes of the owner of the device and the OS, well perhaps they don't really give a crap about their customers.

Actually it is quite easy in Windows to go in and disabled any programs that are starting up with the operating system. Its just a simple matter of going in and disabling them. I do it all the time and I have been since Windows With that said you are absolutely correct there should be a way using the Android operating system to do that too. It also can analyze memory-usage hogs cleans memory and tells you by how much.

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The Storage cleaner also lets you know how much temporary space fb, instagram, twitter, etc is being used that can be freed up. Overall, the embedded maintenance program is the only thing I need except I need to do it daily after a full charge to keep it "clean. Pretty sloppy on the iPad side - I often turn the entire thing off to clear up the temp files. Aside from shorter-than-expected battery life, I'm extremely happy with the 6s or is S6? The only problem is with bluetooth - not sure why sometimes it "stutters" when it is in my pocket and at other times, not an issue. I seem to have a lot of backgound processes or apps i am not sure of the difference.

I have gone to the developer screen by the process list is not showing.

I have a samsung N running android. Where do I find the process list? Most battery eaters are apps which contains ads. To avoid ads if possible install paid version. Disabling of system apps save no any charges. This apps remains stopped until you touch on it.