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Thanks to Nokia's decision to move back to the Symbian series 60, and the phone's unreliable touchscreen, buyers looking for an entry-level smartphone may well be tempted to look elsewhere. Each handset manufacturer is now trying to offer the public the best possible phone, both in terms of feature set and hardware quality, so consumers are onto a winner.

Orange has recently raised the bar with the introduction of its San Francisco handset, which proves just how superior a reasonably priced phone can be. First of all, don't confuse the C with the original C5, which was launched last year and which boasted a more traditional design with a 3x4 keyboard. The C comes with a touch-screen. Just beware that Nokia now seems to be calling this new release the C5, so try not to get the two muddled up. Using less-solid materials is one way in which manufacturers keep down the price of a phone, and Nokia has done just this with the C, which is, in the main, made from plastic.

While this does make it lightweight, we'd fear for its safety if it were dropped from any height.

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We also found it hard to prise off the back cover, which has to be done quite often if you're hot-swapping memory cards. We found we had to ease our fingernails under the chassis and we weren't impressed with the way the cover bent while we were doing this - it felt like it could snap at any minute. Size-wise, the C is certainly friendly on the pocket.

As well as being lightweight, because it is so slim you should be able to slide it into the pocket of a tight pair of jeans. And yet Nokia has still managed to squeeze in a decent sized 3. Because the screen is so narrow, Nokia has chosen a 3x4 keyboard along with a T9 predictive text method to speed things along. Its reasonably responsive, but we found some of the keys were oddly positioned - the enter or confirm key, for instance, is not in the bottom-right corner as you'd expect, but in the top--left corner.

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Over the past few months, we've been less than impressed with the Symbian OS - which is rather outdated - thanks to the progress made by the Android OS. Which is why it's such a disappointment to find that on the C, Nokia has chosen to go backwards and load on the Symbian Series 60, which suffers from a serious lack of customisation opportunities.

Both Windows Phone 7 and Android allow the user to tart up their home screens, adding widget and links.

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With the Symbian Series 60 only providing one home screen, customisation is severely limited. However, you can choose which four shortcuts you'd like to display at the bottom of the screen, as well as change the order in which features are displayed in the menu, and add in your most-dialled contacts. Sure, it is possible to change wallpapers and themes, but it doesn't really allow the user to make the C truly their own. And we have another gripe with Symbian Series 60 - you can't exit a program just by pressing a home key, you have to physically exit out of it, which means you can end up with a number of programs running in the background and having a detrimental effect on your power usage.

It's not that it lacks speed, but that it lacks a number of useful tools. For instance, there is no zoom facility, instead you have to double-tap on the display - and you can only do this once. Nor is there any auto-fit on offer, so whether you hold the handset in landscape or portrait mode, you'll find there's a limited amount of content to be viewed on the screen. Another problem was that a lot of the website images could not be displayed. We were prepared to be lenient, because of the budget price tag, but you can't ignore these issues.

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However, there is a bonus in the shape of the sat-nav offering. Nokia is well known for its high-quality mapping services and thankfully the C has not missed out on this. Although Nokia C which used to be the revolution in Nokia C5 family, it is still a portable device.

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The limit in video format it can support still exists. And Nokia Company was defined MP4 format as default for video playback. So we need a Nokia C video converter to convert videos to MP4 format. Besides, Nokia C5 is the smartphone for mass market, it's not as powerful as other business smartphones as well as high end smartphones. For video playback, the supported frame rate is just 15 fps. But the normal video converter for Nokia doesn't support to adjust the frame rate and just converts videos to the format with normal frame rate about 20 fps to 25 fps.

For this situation, a professional Nokia C video converter is needed, which enables user to change the frame rate at will. Good conversion software is very important, but it's not easy to get a right one.

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Here I will share some key points for selecting a good software as following. Format Issue: The software should support the popular input formats and the target output formats. Quality Issue: The software should provide fast conversion speed and good image quality. Additional Features: Whole process requires only a few clicks from music load to your ready to use ringtone. Simply drag sliders to determine part of song you want to extract as ringtone.

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The Mobile Ringtone Studio makes it possible to rip music CDs, edit MP3s and convert audio files into a format so that it can be used by a Nokia cell phone as a ringtone. The program lets the user create and manage ringtones for Nokia cell phones, which makes it unnecessary to purchase them. The Mobile Ringtone Studio for Nokia is basically three programs in one.

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