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This package is valid to all AXIS subscribers. For Internet surfing there is two types of packages in terms of the Promo action valid starting from July 10th — August 31st available for Northern Sumatera and Java: Register Your Card - Input your personal information for registration purposes here.

You can also register in the AXIS menu on your device. Restart Your Device - Restart your device, call or other number and follow the instruction given. Setting Your Device - go to http: Register Your Card - Enter your personal information in here for registration purposes. You can reload your Axis account via electronic or physical voucher and the activation period will follow your last reload period. Your activation period will be accumulated everytime you reload up to days.

This activation applies for both electronic and physical voucher reload. BPR KS: Reload via EDC Machine how to: Select Purchase ; 2. Select Pulsa Isi Ulang ; 3. Select Yes ; 5. Select AXIS ; 6. Enter the Mobile Number you want to top up; 7. Select Nominal Reload , and select Yes ; 8.

Confirmation; 9. Enter 6-Digit PIN; You get the confirmation of a successful transactions and transaction receipt and Internet Banking can be done here , across Indonesia. Reload via ATM:. Call hotline — for inquiries.

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GE Money: Do the transaction using this format: Available denominations are: You can make 5 reload transactions in a day, as long as you can use VISA credit card within the limit. The service is available on BlackBerry smartphone only. To access m-saku application , you will be charged as per internet tariff. For more info go here. For Unlimited packages if the quota has run out, the speed will be reduced to 64 Kbps max. There is no time limit for the Weekly and Monthly Packages.

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The total of Super Internet pack quota includes: How to identify the use of internet quota? What is Kuota Super WiFi? What if the Kuota Super WiFi runs out? Is it still possible to access the internet through Super WiFi connection? Where to locate the connection of Super WiFi access?

Is there any Unlimited pack, other than Super Internet Kuota? Does Kuota Paket Internet apply to overseas usage of internet access? No, Super Internet Kuota pact only applies to Indosat domestic internet access usage. Is it possible to subscribe to both Super Internet Kuota and Unlimited pact at the same time?

No, it is only possible for one at a time. How to unsubscribe from Super Internet pack? To unsubscribe, please follow these instructions: What is network modernization? What is 3G U network?

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The speed of data access using 3G U is u to 21 Mbps. What are the advantages of 4G network, compared to 3G network?? The advantages of using 4G network are: Multiplayer online games seamlessly. What are the advantages of 3G U network, compared to other 3G networks? With smaller frequency, Mhz, the area range becomes wider. More availabilities of the type of handset that has already supported U How to locate the modernized Indosat network?

Currently, the modernization area of the new Indosat Network is located in more than 23 cities: USD 1. For abroad usage applies roaming provisions. FAQ 1. What does Mentari Ooredoo Super Data starter card mean? What are the benefits of using Mentari Ooredoo Super Data card? The benefits of using Mentari Ooredoo Super Data starter card are: Does the customer have to reload in advance to obtain data service?

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How do we use the exceeded quota data after the 3GB quota runs out? We recommend you to buy an Extra Quota package to increase your internet quotas 6. How much is the speed of internet Mentari Ooredoo Super Data card? Up to 42 Mbps for certain area GIFT package applies to: Keuntungan menggunakan GIFT paket data adalah: Penerima tidak akan dikenakan biaya hanya biaya perpanjangan paket di bulan berikutnya Caranya Mudah: Apakah ada batas maksimal pengiriman paket ke nomor indosat lainnya?

Tidak ada pembatasan selama pulsa pengirim mencukupi untuk melakukan Gift Paket Data. Perbedaannya adalah: Bagaimana dengan Gift Paket Extra, apakah bisa dikirimkan ke nomor penerima yang sedang berlangganan paket Data? Saat perpanjangan Paket, apakah biaya perpanjangan dikenakan ke pengirim atau ke penerima paket? Paket GIFT tidak bisa diperpanjang, pelanggan harus melakukan registrasi paket lain.

Bagaimana melakukan pengecekan kuota atau status paket jika menerima paket GIFT? For optimal Internet access of up to 42 Mbps, please look on these following tips: Super Internet Kuota should be registered. Already using the Indosat 3G network. Check 3G network via network settings menu on your cell phone. Depending on the BTS location, to optimise network coverage Indosat. Depending on the device that you are using and settings that are used. Depending on the type of package or service that your are using.

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Depending on the amount of downloaded files that are used, the condition of the site or the website address visited. Depending on the current location where the internet access occurs in the building, building height, the thickness of the wall of the building, etc. If you do not subscribe to an internet package you will be charged for internet access at the basic tariff according to the card that you are using.

Indosat has the right to control the usage of internet access to the users which use excessive internet access according to the policies of Indosat. How to do settings: Thank you for subscribing.

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