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Even though you can save multiple areas, but this limitation may affect many international travelers. The main reason why Google beats every other app is its extensive information on maps of over countries , where others hardly support over countries. Like most other apps, Google Maps does a great job of showing places of interest, offering advice on transit mean, 3D maps and much more.

5 best Offline GPS map apps for Android in 12222

CoPilot is one of the coolest apps dedicated to drivers , and all of its features are there to help car drivers in optimal driving. It allows you to download a map of a specific region or a country with complete details of POIs and turn-by-turn voice navigation. Unfortunately, most of CoPilot features are locked behind a paywall with a 7-day free trial. You will only get free offline navigation for a single region, however, more regions can be downloaded as in-app purchases. Some advanced features like ActiveTraffic also require an in-app purchase.

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ME takes a rather simple approach of offering navigation and only offers the essential features. Although its offline maps feature is quite reliable and lets you download any number of maps of countries and regions for free. It uses OpenStreetMaps for fetching data and updates the app as the OpenStreenMaps data is updated by the million of users. It also compresses downloaded maps to ensure it takes less space and the app itself is quite light. You just need to download the maps once and rest is handled by this app. It offers turn-by-turn voice navigation, automatic map updates, fixed speed camera warnings, 3D view, POI data and complete track recording.

It also has a handy night and day mode that changes app theme to suit day and night timings.

10 Best Offline Map Apps for iPhone and iPad (2018)

There are the standard set of features here such as speeding camera alerts, nearby stops, restaurants, and so on. It currently supports offline navigation in countries, which is practically every part of the world you can think of. Technology has extended to such an extent now that practically every part of the world has internet or at least smartphones.

And with apps such as these, users can make their lives much more effective overall. MapFactor is a free to download app and comes with ads on board. There are in-app purchases too, which will help you get rid of those annoying ads. HERE WeGo formerly owned by Nokia is a widely popular navigation app that has grown in stature ever since it was launched. I personally remember using this on my Nokia Lumia smartphone several years ago, and it never failed me. The good folks at Nokia were wise enough to offer an Android app as well, with Here WeGo now sitting on top of the charts.

I personally find this along with Google Maps to be reliable sources for offline navigation, with HERE also offering speed information. Search is slow but otherwise capable, even when you're disconnected from data. There's no POI search feature though a few key POIs like gas stations do appear on the map , so all waypoints or destinations require a physical address, and you'll need to enter that information piece by piece—first city, then street, then house number—rather than all at once like you might be accustomed to.

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On the road, Sygic offers both a top-down 2D view and a smart-looking 3D display, complete with local topography. Both are presented in vibrant color, which helps map features stand out when you're driving. I preferred driving with the 3D display, both from an aesthetic and usability standpoint; all told it's probably the prettiest looking GPS app in this roundup.

Sygic ships with metric units by default and tends to be quite chatty when using voice navigation. One of the first things you'll want to do is turn off the audio notifications when you're speeding; the spoken nagging about it makes for the absolutely worst driving companion ever. Otherwise, instructions are helpful, accurate, and delivered in a timely fashion, and Sygic recovers quickly with new instructions if you miss a turn or take a detour. While some of the onscreen elements are a little too small to make out at a glance and more than a few elements of the interface are needlessly complicated, on the whole, Sygic is worth consideration.

Additional features all cost extra include walking instructions, live traffic alerts, speed camera location information, photo-navigation, a heads-up display system, a dashcam feature, and celebrity voices—including both Homer Simpson and Mr.

The 20 Best Offline GPS Apps And Smartphone GPS Navigation Apps -

Android users can download a single app that covers the whole world, but iOS users have to pick from more than 20 regional options. Within iOS reviewed here , you can download additional country packs for a nominal fee the fee varies based on the region. Even with them, the app is easy to navigate. Designed with streamlined efficiency and a minimalist aesthetic, Navmii gets you from point A to point B as seamlessly as possible. Search is natural and lets you search for full addresses or points of interest. On the road, the interface is presented in a pared-down, Apple-like motif, with minimal clutter and color.

While driving, POIs are mostly hidden by default; you can activate them on a category basis. The app really seems to be tuned for efficiency; roads don't really curve so much as kink angularly at intervals, and spoken directions don't announce street names.

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  6. Much like Waze, Navmii is designed to crowdsource traffic, road hazard, and other driving information like the location of speed traps , but in offline mode these features of course don't work. But whether you're online or off, in the car or on foot, Navmii is really a breeze to use—natural and intuitive and, most of all, fast. At the very least, there's no risk to give it a try—and downloadable celebrity voices include Stephen Fry and Snoop Dogg! Map downloads are easy and pushed to you when first using the app. Unlike many competing apps, CoPilot splits U.