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No thanks. Navigation in the store isn't very clever: So are we being taught to swipe, or press UI widgets? I tried a news app called BizNewsReader, which is free we can't go splashing the Guardian budget on just anything. A very quick and painless business that was. And there it has all sorts of content, including the Times Online! From June But the BusinessWeek feed was at least current.

Oh, look, it's an RSS newsreader which doesn't give you the full content. When you press "Full Content" you go to … the web page. Here's the canonical example: Sure, Twitter has told developers not to bother, but come on, a Twitter app is surely what any consumer or enterprise person would want?

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Not a Facebook app, though there is one of those. There isn't a LinkedIn app. See, I told you it was Soviet. Anyway, I searched for a Twitter app. Look, there it is!

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A quick stab and … we're in the browser, looking at mobile. The experience isn't even very good; the desktop version would be preferable and even feasible, if RIM chose to set the browser ID. I searched some more. There were some more Twitter apps, including one called Tweedless. Oh, a review: Can't sign in". Oh pshaw, I thought, of course it will work now — the developer will have seen that.

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Get PIN. Enter PIN. My advice to run: You might want to ease off on that one — it's an eyeburner and lots of people are going to see it. Weirdly, while there's a definite dearth of useful apps, there's no shortage at all of games. This is of course comparative — there might be a couple of hundred, but it makes it look like a Toys'R'Us warehouse compared to the Arctic wastes of the rest.

Some games have the most vicious reviews "total waste of money so far" and there's no way to see just the five-star apps — you have to wade well, skip through the ones that are there so far. At least that isn't too difficult.

This is going to cause some huge problems in the not-so-distant future as it shifts its smartphones over to QNX too. Are the developers on board?

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If so, why aren't they writing for it? This is nice, but what video are you going to put onto it that you're then going to output? Presentations, that's what. Hilariously, RIM tried to convince me that you'd get a common household scenario where someone would be playing video — a film, maybe?

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Besides the fact you'd need an enormously long HDMI lead to do this, it simply doesn't match how families, TVs and tablets function. Hopefully this sort of "we can find a case for consumer use" delusion doesn't permeate the organisation. App locker and mobile privacy trial feature for 14 days: Lock apps to protect your privacy and safety or lock your device setting to secure your device configuration. Local wipe: Tune-up beta version: This lets you move apps between the SD Card and internal storage with the help of a list of apps sorted by size and location.

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