Ipad 1 turning off by itself

One such complication enables The latest version of WhatsApp brings an important privacy feature that allows iPhone users to protect Subscribe to our mailing list. Connect with us. Continue Reading. You may also like Related Topics: Click to comment. More in How to. How to remove filters from photos on your iPhone or iPad. How to turn on or off the predictive keyboard feature of iOS To Top.

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Show 3 more comments. Bill Ling. It may take a minute of two waiting time before you see your desktop display again Show 1 more comment. Go to settings general then auto lock then you can switch it to what time you want it to shut off. I have the same problem. My auto set is on "never" but my ipad shuts off or goes to sleep when I am working actively on it. If I am on the Internet, it shuts down; if I am reading a book on it, it shuts down and I have to open the book and start from the beginning of the book.

How do I fix this? In addition to William Howard Armstrong's comment, my battery is fully charged and I have plenty of storage space. People telling to take back to apple!! Why the heck would people ask for help if try can do that???? It then shows a picture of the battery with no charge red line at very bottom of battery Any help is appreciated. Same problem. Once I plug it in.

I can turn it back on after 10 seconds. Then it turns off again. If plugged in it is fine. No memory left either. January 1 by gernavankleef.

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Try a reset in settings at bottom of general page you have a choice to reset saving data or a reset to factory settings which wipes everything if neither works return to Apple Store as faulty. If it won't stay on long enough then return to Apple Store. Good luck. My ipod turns off within 5 seconds when its at percent then when I try to turn it back on its like I turned it off to begin with and then shuts off within 2 seconds and the third time i try it, it turns off completely and wont turn back on unless i charge it.

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I tried that and it still won't work and it won't even turn on. This space is reserved for Answers only. Michae borgen. Jackie jacarooster I purchased a new iPad last night so we will see if this does what the old one did lol. Half an hour in the freezer then reset.

Worked for me today but I can't find the original tip to thank the poster. My ipad is 5 years old. Alvin alvinpro. Nikki nikkic. Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. Apple iPad Comprehensive repair manuals on all portable tablet computers by Apple. Princess Rep: Why does my iPad turn off every ten minutes even when it is fully charged?

My ipad turns off by itself

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  4. I cannot delete storage as it turns off so quickly. When I turn the iPad on it just turns off I would appreciate any help Marie-Anne.

    Unplug the iPad

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